Are You a Doubting Thomas?

Doubting Thomas Painting by Caravaggio Public Domain Image
Doubting Thomas Painting by Caravaggio
Public Domain Image

Most of us have times in our lives when we can relate well to doubting Thomas. He is known for stating his disbelief. After Jesus appeared to the other Apostles, Thomas said he needed to see for himself the wounds of Christ before he would believe that Jesus had risen from the dead. After Jesus showed him his wounds Jesus stated,

“Blessed are those who have not seen, but believe.

Thomas is not afraid to question. When Jesus tells the Apostles that they will follow him, Thomas questions Him;

“How can we follow you, when we know not where you are going?”

Jesus answered him by telling him,

“I am the way the truth and the life, whoever follows me will live forever.

Today (July 3) is the feast of St. Thomas. In the Catholic Church we celebrate in mass worldwide the life and faith of St. Thomas. We reflect on how he led his life and followed Jesus. When we have questions, we should not be afraid to ask Jesus to answer them. When we are not sure about our faith, it is a good thing to ask Jesus to lead us to Him.

Many people do not have faith today and do not know how to find God. Perhaps they are looking for God as a scientist would… under a microscope. Spirituality is not found under a microscope. Being unafraid to ask God questions can lead us closer to Him.

Remember when we were little children? The questions were many. What? Why? Where? How? When?

Asking God directly to enlighten us to the truth may actually have results.
One of my favorite prayers is a simple one.

“Lead me, Lord!”

May we all be led closer to God as we pray through our doubts.

St. Thomas pray for us.





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