Prayers, Quips and Quotes: Bl. Ambrose of Sienna, Feast day October 8

Bl. Ambrose of Sienna
Bl. Ambrose of Sienna

Bl. Ambrose of Sienna was born on April 16, 1220.  He was born with a congenital deformity.  Cared for by a nurse, she took him to Mass at The Dominican Church of St. Mary Magdalene.

It was noticed that little Ambrose was always calm near the altar.  When they left the altar he would cry.  At about the age of a year while they were near the altar Ambrose distinctly pronounced the sacred name of Jesus.  He was instantly healed of his deformity.

Not surprisingly, Ambrose was a very pious child.  At the age of seven he spent his time in meditation and praying the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin.  His Father was an illuminator of books.  One of the gifts he gave Ambrose was a book of saints.  Itg became Ambrose favorite book.

At the age of 17 Ambrose joined the Dominican Friars.  He was sent to Paris to study with St. Albert the Great.  St. Thomas Aquinas was a fellow student.  Ambrose was influenced by the writing of St. Thomas Aquinas which convinced him to preach rather than write.

Bl. Ambrose preached in Germany, France and Italy, living a life of constant prayer.  He became known as a peacemaker.  He restored peace between Venice and Genoa and also Florence and Pisa.  He was sent on many peacemaking missions.

Bl. Ambrose was given the gift of ecstasy and vision.  After his death  miracles were reported at his tomb.

If the highest aim of a captain were to preserve his ship,

he would keep it in port forever.

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October is the Month of the Most Holy Rosary





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