Prayers, Quips and Quotes: Bl. Henry Suso, Feast Day March 2

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Bl. Henry Suso
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The feast day of Bl. Henry Suso is celebrated on March 2.

Bl. Henry Suso was born Heinrich von Berg in Constance, Swabia in 1300. He became a Dominican at an early age, studying under Meister Eckhart in Cologne. After making his profession he returned to Constance to teach and write. He wrote many books which were popular during the middle ages. The Little Book of Eternal Wisdom was written by Bl. Henry Suso.
At the age of 18, Bl. Henry Suso had a mystical experience which changed his life. He was filled with divine light and joy which seemed to transport him out of the world. From this point on, he had a burning love for the Eternal Wisdom which dominated his thoughts and led his actions. He referred to himself as “the Servant of the Eternal Wisdom”.
Bl. Henry Suso also preached in Switzerland and was an adviser to the Dominican Order.


Bl. Henry Suso died in 1366.  Pope Gregory XVI beatified him in 1831.


A man who has not suffered, what does he know?


Quote of Bl. Henry Suso; Feast day, March 2


March is the Month of St. Joseph



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