Prayers, Quips and Quotes: Bl. Julian of Norwich, Feast Day May 8

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Bl. Julian of Norwich
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The feast day of Bl. Julian of Norwich is celebrated on May 8.

Very little is actually known about Julian of Norwich. It is believed her birth name is Julian and that she was born to a privileged family in Norwich in 1341. She lived as a recluse, probably as a Benedictine Nun.

At the age of 30, she became deathly ill. Near death she experienced visions of Christ. She wrote about her visions immediately in her book Revelation of Divine Love. The book has been translated into many languages.

Bl. Julian believed in God’s love and mercy. She believed sin brings someone to self knowledge which leads to acceptance of the role of God in their life. She believed the pain caused by sin is a reminder of the passion of Christ. Bl. Julian saw God as both Father and Mother which was controversial.  Bl. Julian always accepted the authority of the Church.

Bl. Julian of Norwich died in the year 1416.


He did not say:  You will not be assailed,  You will not be belabored,  You will not be disquieted,  but He said….”You will not be overcome.”

Quote of Bl. Julian of Norwich

May is the Month of Our Lady.

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