Prayers, Quips and Quotes: Bl. Marie Adcodata Pisani; Feast Day Feb. 25

Bl. Marie Adeodata Pisani


The Feast day of Bl. Marie Adcodata Pisani is celebrated on February 25.   She was born in Naples, Italy on Dec. 29, 1806 to a noble family.

Her childhood was quite troubled.   Her father was alcoholic, which led to marriage problems.  She was raised by her grandmother.  She was ten when her grandmother died.  She then entered a boarding school known as Istituodi Madama Prota which was in Naples.


After an uprising in Naples, her father was sentenced to death.  The sentence was suspended and he was expelled from Naples and deported to the island of Malta.  Maria and her mother went to Malta an lived in Rabal.  Maria Terese wished to become a nun rather than marry.  She enjoyed helping the poor and attending church.


At the age of 21 she entered the Benedictine Community in St. Peter’s Monastery.   She took the name Maria Adeodata (given by God).  She worked as a teacher, seamstress , sacristan and writer.  Her most well known work is The Mystical Garden of the Soul That Love Jesus and Mary, which was a collection of reflections.


Bl. Marie served as the abbess for several years but retired due to heart problems.  She died on Feb. 25, 1855 at the age of 48.


In 2001, Pope John Paul II beatified Bl. Marie Adcodata Pisani citing a miracle of the healing of a stomach tumor after a request for her intercession.


My daughters, I see more Pharisees among Christians than there were around Pilate!


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February is the Month of the Passion of the Lord.



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