Prayers, Quips and Quotes: Mary, Mother of God, Feast Day January 1

Virgin Mary, Mother of God
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The Solemnity of Mary, the Mother of God is celebrated on New Years Day.   We continue to celebrate the joy of the birth of Jesus on Christmas day. Mary was chosen by God to be the mother of Jesus, the Son of God. Mary was given the title Theotokos which means “God-bearer” in Greek during the third or fourth century.

The divinity of Jesus has been argued about throughout the ages. The church has declared that Jesus is both fully human and fully divine…He has two natures. The church also teaches that Jesus was begotten not made. This means that Jesus has always existed in the Trinity. He became Man to redeem us and to give us the gift of salvation.

Because the church teaches that Jesus is the Lord, our God, this means Mary is the mother of God.

The mysteries of our faith are many. This mystery is truly beautiful. Mary, who was born without sin ( like Eve) said yes to the Angel during the Annunciation. Although troubled by the news that she would bear a son, she said;

“Let it be”.

We are all called to imitate Mary who is the first disciple of Jesus. Mary loved Jesus in a way none of us are able. She cared for him and took care of all his needs while he was growing up. There can be no doubt that Jesus also loved and honored Mary.

We are also called to honor Mary, just as Jesus honored His Mother. If Jesus honored and loved his mother, why shouldn’t we do the same?


Why should we be astonished if the God

who could work marvels in the scripture

and through His saints should choose to

reveal Himself even more marvelous

by means of His Mother?

Quote of St. Bernard; Feast day August 20

January is the Month of the Holy Name


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