Prayers, Quips and Quotes: St. Andrew Corsini, Feast Day Feb. 4

St. Andrew Corsini

The feast day of St. Andrew Corsini is celebrated on Feb. 4.  St. Andrew Corsini is the patron saint against riots and disorder.

St. Andrew Corsini was one of twelve children. He was born in Florence, Italy on Nov. 30, 1302 to a powerful family. Although he lived a wild life, his mother influenced his conversion. He decided to become a Carmelite priest. In 1349 he was named Bishop of Fiesole. It was a position he resisted at first but served for twelve hears.  Pope Urban V sent him to Bologna to settle disputes between the nobles and common people. It was a successful mission.

Bishop Corsini served the poor with compassion. He preached love and harmony. As much as was possible he lived the life of a Carmelite. He was known for reforming the clergy, stressing the need for the priest to be educated properly. He also insisted that the priest reside in their parish. Many church buildings were restored by the Bishop including the cathedral.

St. Andrew Corsini died on Jan. 6, 1374. There were reports of many miracles of healing and conversion during his lifetime. He was canonized by Pope Urban VIII on April 29, 1629.



St. Andrew Corsini 2

Prayer is … a mine which is never exhausted …
It is the root, the fountain,
the mother of a thousand blessings.


Quote of St. John Chrysostom; Feast day September 13

February is the Month of the Passion of Our Lord



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