Prayers, Quips and Quotes: St. Audrey, Feast Day June 23

St. Audrey

The feast day of St. Audrey is celebrated on June 23.

St. Audrey was also known as Etheldreda. She was born an English princess. At her parents insistence, she married a prince named Tonbert. He permitted her to keep the vow of virginity which she had earlier made. However, after three years she was a widow.

She was later forced to marry a king from Northumberland, named Egfrid. After twelve years he tried to change her mind about living as brother and sister. When she refused he tried to bribe the bishop St. Wilfred of York, asking him to release her from her vows. St. Wilfrid refused.

With the permission of her husband St. Audrey became a nun and founded the Abbey of Ely. She died from an enormous growth on her neck in 679. She was not yet 50 years old.

Sixteen years later her body was found to be incorrupt. 


Charity is the sweet holy bond that binds the soul with the Creator.


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