Prayers, Quips and Quotes: St. Bridget of Sweden, Feast Day July 23

St. Bridget of Sweden by Heliga Birgitta Public Domain Image
St. Bridget of Sweden   by Heliga Birgitta        Public Domain Image



The feast day of St. Bridget of Sweden is celebrated on July 23. St. Bridget of Sweden was born on June 14, 1303. She was the daughter of Berger Persson and wife, Ingeborg. Her family was wealthy, pious, and went on long pilgrimages to the Holy Land.  St. Bridget of Sweden is  the patron of Sweden, Europe, and widows.

At the age of ten her mother died. Her sister Kathleen, infant brother Israel, and Bridget were sent to her maternal aunt for education and care. As a young child Bridget had a vivid dream vision of The Man of Sorrows. When she asked who had done this to him He responded,

“All those who despise my love.”

This dream vision left an indelible mark on her.

She married early, as was the custom, at 13 years old to Ulf Gudransson. They had eight children, four sons and four daughter. The newly married King of Sweden asked her to be a Lady in waiting and teach the young queen the language and customs of her new country.

St. Bridget became a widow when she was 41 years old when her husband died of severe illness. She prayed for guidance, after which she founded a new religious order (The Brigitta’s), mainly for women. She reported many visions and revelations, some which can be found in the “Fifteen Prayers of St. Bridget”.

In August, 1370, Pope Urban V confirmed the Rule of her congregation. Bridget made earnest representations to Pope Urban, urging the removal of the Holy See from Avignon back to Rome.

In 1349 she journeyed to Rome where she stayed until she died in 1373.



My Lord Jesus Christ, Your blessed, royal, and magnificent heart

could never, by torments or terrors or blandishments, be swayed,

from the defense of Your kingdom of truth and justice.

Quote of St. Bridget of Sweden.

July is the Month of the Precious Blood.

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