Prayers, Quips and Quotes: St.Callistus I, Feast Day October 14

St. Callistus I Pope and Martyr
St. Callistus I
Pope and Martyr


The feast day of St. Callistus I is celebrated on October I.  He is honored as a Pope and martyr of the faith.

St. Callistus was a slave for a Roman who worked for Caesar.  He was put in charge of the bank by his master.  He manged to lose the money deposited and in fear he fled.  He was caught and sent to prison.  He was released and told to try to recover the money.  This time, he was arrested after getting into a brawl in a Jewish synagogue.  He was then sent to Sardenia to work in the mines.  The mistress of the emperor was able to influence his release.

Callistus became superintendent of the cemetery of St. Callistus.  He was ordained a deacon by the Pope and became the friend and adviser of the Pope.  When the pope died, Callistus was elected to be Bishop of Rome with a majority vote.  This led to a schism with his rival St. Hippolytus who became the first anti-pope.  Hippolytus accused Pope Callistus of sympathizing with heretics.  He also disagreed with Pope Callistus’ teaching about the power of Divine Mercy in the sacrament of confession.

In the year 236, both Pope Callistus and Hyppolytus were martyred during an uprising in Rome.  They were both canonized as saints.  It is believed that Hyppolytus made peace with the church before his death.

St. Callistus is the first pope after St. Peter to be honored as a martyr.

“God loves each one of us as if there were only one of us.”

Quote of St. Augustine;  Feast Day August 28

October is the Month of the Most Holy Rosary







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