Prayers, Quips and Quotes: St. Cyprian, Feast Day September 16

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St. Cyprian
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The feast day of St. Cyprian is celebrated on September 16.  Cyprian was born in North Africa in the 3rd century.  He is an important Christian writer.

At the age of 35, Cyprian converted to Christianity.   Soon after his baptism he was ordained, later becoming the Bishop of Carthage.  After his baptism he gave away his possessions.

When the persecutions of Christians began in Carthage,  Cyprian went into hiding rather than give sacrifices to pagan gods or face execution.  Fourteen months later he returned.  He called a council to determine the fate of those who had lapsed and denied their faith.  The council agreed with Cyprian who disagreed with both extreme answers.  He was against allowing anyone to return with little or no penance.  He was also against not allowing the lapsed Christians back at all.

Persecutions began again in 256.  St. Cyprian proclaimed his faith in Christ and refuesed to sacrifice to pagan gods.  He was banished to Curubis.  On September 13, 258, St. Cyprian was imprisoned and sentenced to die by the sword.

The execution of St. Cyprian happened in public very quickly.  He removed his clothing, knelt down, prayed and then blind folded himself.  He was then beheaded with a sword.

To him who still remains in this world, no repentance is too late.  The approach to God’s mercy is open.

Quote of St. Cyprian

September is the Month of Our Lady of Sorrows






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