Prayers, Quips and Quotes: St. Edmund, Feast Day November 20

St. Edmund
St. Edmund

The feast day of St. Edmund is celebrated on November 20.  He is the patron saint of kings and against plaque and torture. He is honored as a martyr of the church.

St. Edmund was crowned King of East Angles on Christmas Day in 855.  He was only fourteen years old.  He modeled himself after King David in the Old Testament.  He tried to serve God in a way similar to King David.  He memorized the psalms written by David and was known for his  piety.

Kind Edmund was a wise ruler.  He was a kind king who believed in justice.  He cared for and served all in his kingdom, including the poor, orphans and widows.

When the Danish attacked, he fought back valiantly.  However, he was outnumbered and eventually captured.  The king was offered freedom in exchange for the Christian people.  King Edmund refused, saying he would never offend God and his people in this way.  He was then executed.

St. Edmund was tied to a tree and whipped.  King Edmund called on Jesus for strength.  He was then shot with arrows into all parts of his body.  Finally, he was beheaded.

King Edmund died in 870.  Many miracles were attributed to him after his death.

Faith furnishes prayer with wings, without which it cannot soar to heaven.

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