Prayers, Quips and Quotes: St. Erasmus (St. Elmo), Feast Day June 2

Martyrdom of St. Erasmos Public Domain Image
Martyrdom of St. Erasmus
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The feast day of St. Erasmus (also known as St. Elmo), is celebrated on June 2. He is the patron saint of sailors and against intestinal troubles.

St. Erasmus lived in Italy. He is also known as St. Elmo. He served as the Bishop of Formiae, Campagna, Italy and was martyred during the persecutions of Christians by Diocletan.

Trying to flee the persecutions St. Elmo fled to Mt. Lebanon and lived in solitude for a time. When he was found, he was tortured and imprisoned. Because he refused to deny his faith he was scourged and cast into boiling oil, sulfur and pitch. He was miraculously saved from harm. According to legend and angel led him to freedom.

After escaping prison he converted many with his preaching and miracles. A second time he was captured, imprisoned and tortured. Again, an angel led him to freedom.  During his torture he had hot iron hooks struck into his intestines. He survived these wounds which is why he is invoked for intestinal problems.

St. Elmo is also the patron saint of sailors. A blue light appears at mastheads before and after a storm; the seamen took it as a sign of St. Erasmus’s protection. This became known as St. Elmo’s Fire.

St. Elmo died was martyred in 303. He was tortured and disemboweled.

St. Elmo is considered one of the 14 Helpers. These fourteen saints are considered very effective in their ability to intercede in times of trouble, especially matters of health.


Nothing unites us so intimately

to the Sacred Heart of our Lord Jesus Christ

as does the cross.

Quote of St. Margaret Mary; Feast day October 17

June is the Month of the Sacred Heart.

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