Prayers, Quips and Quotes: St. Eurosia, Feast Day June 25

St. Eurosia Public Domain Image
St. Eurosia
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The feast day of St. Eurosia is celebrated on June 25.

St. Eurosia was a French martyr. She was born in Bayonne, France into a noble family. Betrothed against her will to a Moore, she escaped through the mountains and hid in a cave. Eurosia was pursued and captured. Her captures dragged her out of the cave by her hair. She was then martyred. Her limbs were amputated and then she was beheaded. At the moment of her death a violent storm came which terrorized her captures.

St. Eurosia’s remains were discovered by a shepherd. Her head remained at the original shrine, but her body was taken to Jaca for burial. Miracles were reported at the original shrine which became a site of pilgrimage.

St. Eurosia is considered the patron saint against bad weather.

St. Eurosia was canonized by Pope Leo XIII.


Where the sign of the cross is erected,

the wickedness of the devil is immediately repelled.

Quote of St. Maximus of Turin; Feast day June 25

June is the Month of the Sacred Heart

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