Prayers, Quips and Quotes: St. Gregory III, Feast Day December 10

St. Pope Gregory III

The feast day of St. Gregory III is celebrated on December 10.  He was the Bishop of Rome.

St. Gregory III was born in Syria. His father’s name was John. Little is known about his childhood. He became a Syrian priest. He was proclaimed pope immediately after the death of Pope Gregory II. The most pressing problem was defending the veneration of holy images. Emperor Leo III considered it idolatry.

Pope Gregory called a synod during which he approved measures against anyone who destroyed images of Jesus, Mary or the saints. He taught that icons and images promote worship rather than being the object of worship themselves. He repaired many beautiful churches and promoted monasticism. Pope Gregory was known for his virtue and knowledge.

Pope Gregory III died of natural causes on November 28, 741.

When God is our strength,

it is strength indeed;

when our strength

is our own,

it is only weakness.

Quote of St. Augustine; Feast day August 28

December is the Month of the Divine Infancy



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