Prayers, Quips and Quotes: St. Gregory of Nyssa, Feast Day March 9

St. Gregory of Nyssa


The feast day of St. Gregory of Nyssa is celebrated on March 9.  

St. Gregory was born in 335 in Cappadocia, Asia Miner. He came from a family of at least five saints. St. Basil and St. Emmilia were his parents. He was raised by his brother St. Basil the Great and his sister Macrina in what is today known as Turkey.

St. Gregory married but continued studying for the priesthood which at that time allowed married priests. In 372 he became the Bishop of Nyssa. He taught against many false doctrines, defending the divinity of Christ. He defended the orthodox beliefs on the Trinity, Incarnation and Redemption.

St. Gregory  was arrested briefly and falsely accused of embezzlement. He was restored as bishop in 378. St. Gregory attend the first Council of Constantinople in 381 and settled many disputes within the church. He was a philosophical theologian and mystic. He became known as the “Father of Mysticism.”   St. Gregory died in the year 395.


May what is pleasing to God be always in your mind and heart and in mine.

Quote of St. Gregory of Nyssa


March is the Month of St. Joseph.



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