Prayers, Quips and Quotes: St. Henry II, Feast Day July 13

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St. Henry II
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The feast day of St. Henry II is celebrated on July 13.

St. Henry was born to Duke Henry of Vavaria and Princess Gisela of Burgundy. As a youth he considered becoming a priest. He was educated at the Cathedral School in Hildesheim by St. Wolfgang of Regensburg who was a bishop.

In 995 Henry became the Duke of Bavaria. He became the king of Germany in 1002. In 1004 he was crowned King of Pavia, Italy. He married St. Cunegunga, however they had no children. In 1014 he was crowned the Emperor of the Roman Empire by Pope Benedict VIII. He worked to establish peace in Europe. He was also able to reform the church. He fostered missions and began the construction of the Cathedral at Basel, Switzerland, which took 400 years to complete.

Later in life he came down with an aliment which crippled his leg. He was cured by the touch of St. Benedict at Monte Cesino. After the death of his wife he considered becoming a monk however he was turned down. He was told he could no more good in the world as a public servant.

St. Henry II died on July 13, 1024 from natural causes at Pfalz Gvona, Saxony (modern Germany). He was canonized by Pope Bl. Eugene III. St. Henry II is the patron saint of dukes and kings, childless people and the handicapped.


From now on, regard this life as a desert

through which you pass until you come to the Promised Land,

the Jerusalem, which is above the land of the living.


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July is the Month of the Most Precious Blood.



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