Prayers, Quips and Quotes: St. Ingrid of Sweden, Feast Day September 2

St. Ingrid of Sweden
St. Ingrid of Sweden


St. Ingrid was born in Skanninge, Sweden in the 13th century.  Her spiritual directer was Father Peter of Dacia, a Dominican priest.

Ingrid married young.   However, she became a widow when her husband died.  After a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, she gave all her possessions to God and became the first Dominican Nun in Sweden.  She also founded the first Dominican cloister in Sweden.

St. Ingrid was known for her holiness.  When she died in 1282, many miracles occurred, causing a cult to form calling for her to be named a saint.  The canonization process was begun in 1405 but formal canonization never occurred.  She is regarded a saint by many and has her feast day listed on the liturgical calendar.

Why should we mourn when those who have left us have suffered no loss, but have rather gained all?  Instead of earthly life they have gained eternal life;  they have exchanged a house on earth for a heavenly mansion; in place of the world they have found God.

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September is the Month of Our Sorrowful Mother


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