Prayers, Quips and Quotes: St. Joanna, Feast Day May 24

St. Joanna

The feast day of St. Joanna is celebrated on May 24.

St. Joanna was a devoted follower of Jesus. We learn about her in Luke’s Gospel, Chapter 8. She was the wife of Chuza who was a steward for Herod. She, along with Mary Magdalene, Susanna, and other women, provided for Jesus out of their personal resources as he traveled from town to town preaching and healing.

St. Joanna was one of the three women who arrived at the tomb to prepare the body for burial on the first Easter morning. She is also referred to as the myrrh bearer. The women discovered the stone moved and the body gone. Two men appeared to them in dazzling clothes, telling them He had risen and reminding them that Jesus had said he would be crucified and rise again. The women reported to the Apostles all that they had seen and heard.

It is hard to imagine being such a close friend of Jesus. The disciples who followed and supported Jesus knew Him in a way we can only wish to know him. But St. Joanna shows us what a true disciple is. She supported Jesus and His ministry on a daily basis in any way possible. She heard the words he spoke and saw the miracles he worked. True friendship is what all of us should be seeking from Jesus. True friends are always there for each other. As disciples we should be serving Jesus in any way we can. We should also be turning to Him in all our needs weather they be small or large. We should never be afraid to be honest with Jesus, because He is our friend.


The instruments of God are always humble.

Quote of St. John Chrysostom; Feast day September 13


May is the Month of Our Lady.


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