Prayers, Quips and Quotes: St. John Baptist Rossi, Feast Day May 23

St. John Baptist Rossi
St. John Baptist Rossi



The feast day of St. John Baptist Rossi is celebrated on May 23.

St. John Baptist Rossi was born in Voltaggio, Italy in 1698. He was one of four children. He studied in Rome. Suffering from epilepsy, he was forced to leave college. However, he eventually finished his studies. He was ordained a priest at the age of 23.

St. John Baptist Rossi worked in Rome for 40 years. He served the sick, homeless and prisoners. He earned a reputation for being a good confessor. He especially supported the hospice of Saint Gala which gave overnight shelter to the poor. It was founded by Pope Celestine III.

In 1764, St. John died from a stroke. The papal choir sang at his choir and 260 priests attended his funeral. He was canonized by Pope Leo XII in 1881.


From silly devotions and sour faced saints, good Lord, deliver us!


St. Teresa of Avila; Feast day October 15



May is the Month of Our Lady.


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