Prayers, Quips and Quotes: St. John Francis Regis, Feast Day June 16

St. John Francis Regis Public Domain Image
St. John Francis Regis
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The feast day of St. John Francis Regis is celebrated on June 16. He was a Jesuit priest from France.

St. John Francis Regis was born into a wealthy family in southern France. He entered the Society of Jesus at age 19. After his ordination as a Jesuit priest he became a missionary working in various French towns. He would walk from town to town preaching from the heart. His speaking style was simple but poetic. He was easy to understand and his zeal attracted many people. He usually heard confessions in the morning and visited prisons and hospitals in the afternoon. His preaching missions successfully converted many people and brought others back to the faith.

St. John Francis Regis was well known for his work with at-risk women and orphans. He established safe houses and helped the unemployed find work. He led many to be trained as lace makers, giving them a stable income.

While serving on a mission in 1640, St. John Francis Regis died. He spent his last day meditating on the crucifix. His last works were:

“Into thy hand I commend my spirit”.

St. John Francis Regis was canonized in 1737. Regis Societies were formed throughout France to provide services for the poor and marginalized.

The incomparable heart of the Mother of the Redeemer  is a glorious heaven,

a paradise of delights for the Most Holy Trinity.


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