Prayers, Quips and Quotes: St. John I, Feast Day May 18



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St. John I
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The feast day of St. John I is celebrated on May 18.

Pope John I was born in Tuscany, Italy. Little is known about his early life. He was elected pope one week after the death of his predecessor Hormisdas on August 13, 523.

There was great turmoil during the time of his election. The heresy of Arianism (the belief that Jesus was not divine) was causing persecution in many areas. Pope John was frail but he was the first pope to travel to Constantinople. He counseled the Byzantine emperor Justin, who persecuted heretics, to treat heretics with mercy. He celebrated Easter Mass in Constantinople before returning to Rome.

The king of Ostrogoths, Theodoric, was an Arian Christian. Because the edict against Arianism had not been lifted he became furious. While Pope John was returning to Rome, he had him kidnapped and imprisoned. St. John died in prison of thirst and starvation on May 18, 526. He is honored as a martyr.


When Doubting Thomas was refuted face to face, all mankind was given instruction.

Quote of St. Paulinas of Nola; Feast day June 22

May is the the Month of Our Lady.

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