Prayers, Quips and Quotes: St. John of Egypt, Feast Day March 27

St. John of Egypt


The feast day of St. John of Egypt is celebrated on March 27.  

St. John of Egypt was born in Lycopolis, which is now Egypt, in 214. He worked with his father as a carpenter. He felt a call from God to live a solitary life of prayer in the desert. For ten years he was the disciple of an elderly hermit, whom he considered his spiritual father. When this man died he chose to live in various monasteries to learn the life of a monk.

Eventually, John decided to live in a cave he found in the desert rocks. The cave had three rooms; a living room, workroom and a chapel. He had a single window through which he would preach to people who sought his advice. He would spend five days of the week in solitude with God, but on Saturday and Sunday he would listen to and give advice to people who sought it. Emperor Theodosius the Elder is believed to have sought his advice twice. People brought him food and necessities. He attracted followers who became his disciples. They built a hospice nearby so people could seek his advice.

St. John was known for his gifts of prophecy and healing. He seemed to be able to look into people’s souls and know what they were thinking. Many people were cured after he anointed them with holy oil. In spite of his growing fame, St. John remained humble and lived a very frugal life. St. John died at the age of 90 from natural causes. He was found on his knees as if in prayer.

The trouble is that everyone talks about reforming others and no one things about reforming himself.

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