Prayers, Quips and Quotes: St. Leander, Feast Day March 13

St. Leander
The feast day of St. Leander is celebrated on March 13.


St. Leander was born into a saintly family. Both he and his brother St. Isidore served as the Bishop of Seville. His sister St.Florentia became an abbess in charge of forty convents and over 1,000 nuns. He was born at Cartagena, Spain in 534.
St. Leander became a Benedictine monk. In 579 he became the Bishop of Seville. As bishop he defended the church from the heresy of Arianism, which denied the divinity of Christ. He promoted orthodox Christianity. For a period of time he was forced into exile in Byzantium. When he returned he oversaw the Third Council of Toledo.
It was St. Leander who began the practice of reciting the Nicene Creed during Mass. He believed it would help in the fight against Arianism.
St.Leander died in the year 601. He was succeeded as bishop by his brother St. Isidore.
St. Leander is considered a doctor of the Church.



The humble man receives praise the way a clean window takes the light of the sun. The truer and more intense the light is the less you see of the glass.


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March is the Month of St. Joseph




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