Prayers, Quips and Quotes: St. Macarius of Egypt, Feast Day January 15

St. Macarius of Egypt

The feast day of St. Macarius of Egypt is celebrated on January 15.  He was and Egyptian priest and monk.

St. Macarius was born in Upper Egypt in the year 300. He went into the desert of Skete. He was falsely accused of assaulting a woman, but proven innocent. He was ordained a priest at the age of 40. St. Macarius was a student of St. Anthony the Abbot.

Because of his opposition to Arianism, which is the belief that Christ is not divine, he was sent into exile. He was known for his gift of healing and his sanctity. He believed in mercy and forgiveness.

St. Macarius died at the age of 90 in the year 391.


“When you hear that Christ, going down to hell,

freed the souls who were prisoners there,

do not think that these things are far removed

from what is being done now,

Believe me, the heart is a tomb.”

Quote of St. Macarius of Egypt

January is the Month of the Holy Name


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