Prayers, Quips and Quotes: St. Margaret of Hungary, Feast Day January 18


St.Margaret of Hungary


St. Margaret of Hungary was the daughter of King Bela IV of Hungary. Her grandfather was the Byzantine emperor. Her parents pledged their child to God and Margaret was placed in a Dominican convent.

Her father arranged a marriage for her to King Ottokar II of Bohemia, but she refused to cooperate. At the age of 18 she took her vows as a Dominican Nun. She lived in the Convent of the Blessed Virgin on an island on the Danube.

St. Margaret  wanted no special treatment because of her noble birth. She performed the same work as the other nuns in the convent. St. Margaret spent many hours in prayer and fasting. She died before reaching the age of 30 in the year 1271. Many miracles of healing are attributed to her.



whom I know as my redeemer,

cannot be less than God.”

St. Athanasius; Feast day May 2

January is the Month of the Holy Name



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