Prayers, Quips and Quotes; St. Marie de l’Incarnation, Feast Day April 30

St. Marie de l'Incarnation Public Domain Image
St. Marie de l’Incarnation
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The feast day of St. Marie de l’Incarnation is celebrated on April 30.


St. Marie de l’Incarnation was born in Tours, France. She was the daughter of a baker. Against her will she married Claude Martin, a silk manufacturer at the age of 17. She had one son. Two years later she became a widow and worked as an embroiderer.

St. Marie experienced a vision in which she saw all of her faults and human frailties. Then she was immersed in the Blood of Christ. This transformed her and led her to become an Ursuline Nun at Tours, France. Her son became a Benedictine priest. She experienced another vision which led her to become a missionary to Canada. She came to New France (Quebec) on July 4, 1634. She worked as a missionary with the Jesuits in Canada. She taught the children of both the natives and the settlers.

St. Marie de l’Incarnation died on April 30, 1762 from hepatitis.

St. Marie de l’Incarnation was both a mystic and writer. She experienced many visions. St. Marie de l’Incarnation was canonized on April 3, 2014 by Pope Francis.


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