Prayers Quips and Quotes: St. Monica, Feast Day August 27


 St. Monica by Tristán de Escamilla, Public Domain Image
St. Monica by
Tristán de Escamilla,
Public Domain Image[/caption]

The feast day of St. Monica is celebrated on August 27.  She is the patron sain t of mothers, alcoholism and difficult marriages.

St. Monica was born of a Christian family in Tagaste in Africa in 331. She was given in marriage by her parents to a non-Christian named Patricius. He was known to have a a bad temper and alcoholism. They had three children who survived infancy. One of them was Augustine.

Monica was known for her pious nature. She prayed without ceasing for her family. A year before his death Patricius converted to Catholicism and was baptized. Augustine was 17 at the time of his father’s death. He left the faith and led an immoral life. By eighteen he had a mistress and a son. He joined a group called the Manichees. Manicheeism teaches that the material world is part of the realm of evil. There are two gods one good and one evil.

Monica never ceased praying for the return of her son to the Catholic faith. After more than 15 years of prayer, Augustine heard St. Ambrose, the bishop of Milan, preach. He decided to study the faith, and eventually returned, being baptized in 387. Eventually Augustine became a priest and then a bishop. He is now considered a Doctor of the Church.

Monica is the patron of mother’s because of her persistence in praye.

“Nothing is far from God.”

Quote of St. Monica

August is the Month of the Immaculate Heart of Mary


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