Prayers, Quips and Quotes: St. Olympias, Feast Day December 17

St. Olympias

The feast day of St. Olympias is celebrated on December 17.  She was a widow and deaconess from Constantinople.
St. Olympius was born in Constatinople in 368 into a wealthy family. She was left orphaned and raised by her sister Theodosia who was quite pious. She married at a young age to Nebridias who was the treasurer of the Emperor Theodosius the Great.  He died only 20 days after their marriage.

Turning down several offers of marriage Olympius insisted on remaining single. She was consecrated a deaconess by the Bishop of Constantinople. With several other women she founded a community. They established a hospital and an orphanage. They also sheltered expelled monks from Nitria.

St. Olympius became a friend and disciple of St. John Chrysostom. When he was expelled in 404 from Constantinople she continued to support him. When she refused to support Arsacius and his successor Atticus, she was fined and persecuted. Her community disbanded, bringing to an end her charitable works.
St. Olympius died in exile in Nicodemia on July 25.


You will be consoled according to
the greatness of your sorrow and affliction;
the greater the suffering,
the greater will be the reward.

Quote of St. Mary Magdalen dei Pazzi; Feast day May 25

December is the Month of the Divine Infancy



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