Prayers, Quips and Quotes: St. Oswald, Feast Day Feb. 29

St. Oswald
The feast day of St. Oswald is celebrated on Feb. 29.


St. Oswald was born to a military family in England. He was raised by his uncle, St. Odo, who was the Archbishop of Canterbury.
St. Oswald studied in France where he decided to join the Benedictine Order. He was appointed Bishop of Worcester then Archbishop of York. He was known for his reforms and the founding of monasteries. He was an adamant supporter of education especially math, science and astronomy. He was known for his love of the poor and his personal holiness.
St. Oswald died in 992 during the ceremony of washing the feet of the poor during the season of Lent. He is buried in the Church of St. Mary at Worcester.


Silence is the cross on which we must crucify our ego.


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