Prayers, Quips and Quotes: St. Paternus, Feast Day April 15

St. Paternus
St. Paternus




The feast day of St. Paternus is celebrated on April 15.



St. Paternus was born around 482 at Poetiers. His father died in Ireland as a holy recluse. Paternus decided to join the monks at the abbey of Ansion. Several years after joining the Abbey a monk named Scubilion joined him to live in a remote area where many Druids lived. There they were able to convert many of the people in the area. Paternus was able to convince the people there to tear down a pagan temple, which had been held in great veneration by the ancient Gauls.

St. Paternus  founded a monastery called Lian-petern-vaur.   He was chosen as bishop of the area and served for thirteen years before dying in 550.

If I have achieved anything in my life….it is because I have not been embarrassed to talk about God.

Quote of Dorothy Day; Servant of God

April is the Month of the Eucharist


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