Prayers, Quips and Quotes: St. Paul of the Cross, Feast Day October 20


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St. Paul of the Cross
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The feast day of St. Paul of the Cross is celebrated on October 20.


St. Paul of the Cross was born in the Ovada in the Republic of Genoa on Jan. 3, 1694.  His parents had 16 children, of whom only six survived.

When St. Paul was young he fell into a river.  He was rescued by a beautiful woman he believed to be the Blessed Virgin.

He was called to the religious life early. He had a tender devotion to Our Blessed Lady, and the Sorrowful Heart of Mary. St. Paul of the Cross worked as a hospital chaplain for 21 years before founding the Passionist Order after having a vision.  In the vision, he saw himself clothed in the habit that his community would wear: a long, black robe with a white symbol stitched in the center and a white cross above a white heart that held the words, “passion of Jesus Christ.”  His brother John Baptist joined the order also.  The new community was grounded in poverty and solitude and had a mission to encourage people to meditate on the suffering and death of Jesus.

The mission of St. Paul of the Cross was to reach out to the poor and abandoned people, preaching the message of faith, compassion and loving redemption. He was a popular preacher, poet, and mystic.  He became a popular preacher and known for miracles.  St. Paul was given supernatural gifts.  He could see into the future and heal sick people through his prayer and touch.  He was known as a very holy man and considered a saint.

St. Paul of the Cross died in Rome at the age of 81 in the year 1775.

The universal Church feast (memorial) of St Paul of the Cross is celebrated worldwide on October 19th. In the USA it is celebrated on October 20, because of the memorial of the North American Martyrs on the 19th.


Carry a bouquet of the suffering of Jesus

on the altar of your heart.

Quote of St. Paul of the Cross

October is the Month of the Most Holy Rosary


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