Prayers, Quips and Quotes: St. Peter of Canterbury, Feast Day January 6


St. Augustine’s Abbey
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The feast day of St. Peter of Canterbury is celebrated on January 6.  He was a Roman monk and missionary.


St. Peter of Canterbury accompanied St. Augustine of Canterbury on a missionary journey to England in 597. Peter was chosen to deliver a letter detailing the success of the mission to Pope Gregory the Great.

St. Peter of Canterbury was the first Abbot of what became known as St. Augustine’s Abbey.

The death of St. Peter of Canterbury in 607 was due to drowning off the shore of France. The local people, not knowing who he was, buried him without honor. An unexplained light appeared over his grave on a nightly basis. When the people investigated and learned who he was his body was moved to a church in Boulogne.


Behold him,

consider Him

contemplate Him

and desire to imitate Him.

Quote of St. Clare; Feast day, August 11

January is the Month of the Holy Name


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