Prayers, Quips and Quotes: St. Quintin, Feast Day October 31

St. Quintin Public Domain Image
St. Quintin
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The feast day of St. Quintin is celebrated on October 31.  St. Quintin was also known as Quintinus.  He was born in the third century in Rome, Italy.  His father was a Roman senator.

St. Quintin converted to Christianity.  He was a missionary who went to Gaul with St. Lucian of Beauvais.  He won many converts with his preaching.  In 286, he was arrested during the Marmian persecution.  He was tortured and beheaded in 287 at Augusta, Gaul which is now Saint Quintin, France.  His body was thrown into the river and then recovered and buried by the people he was instrumental in converting.  His tomb was a site known for miracles.


“What you call folly is supreme wisdom.  What is there wiser than to recognize the unique true God and to reject with disdain the counterfeits, which are mute, false and deceiving?

Quote of St. Quintin

October is the Month of the Most Holy Rosary


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