Prayers, Quips and Quotes: St. Regina, Feast Day September 7

St. Regina
St. Regina

The feast day of St. Regina is celebrated on September 7.  She was born in Alise, France.  Her mother died at childbirth.  Regina’s father was a prominent man who was a pagan.  He hired a Christian nurse to raise Regina.  While Regina was quite young the nurse secretly baptized Regina.

St. Regina became more and more religious as she grew older.  When her father learned that she had been baptized, he disowned her.  She lived with her nurse and worked in the fields to earn money.  She also tended sheep.  While working, she meditated on the love and mercy of God.

When Regina was 15 years old, the prefect of Gaul named Olybrius noticed Regina and became determined to marry her.  He was unhappy that she was a Christian.  Olybrius tried to convince her to deny her faith but she not only refused but proclaimed her faith even louder.   Olybrius then had her imprisoned.  She was chained to the walls of the cell with an iron belt.  After she still refused to deny her faith, she was whipped and scourged.  Finally she was beheaded.  She died in the year 286.   Many were converted after seeing a solitary dove hover over her during the torture.

The relics of St. Regina are enshrined in Flavigini Abbey where many miracles have since occurred.

St. Regina is honored as a martyr for the faith.  She is the patron saint against poverty and for victims of abuse.


If the moon is beautiful as it reflects the light of the sun at so great a distance, what will be the beauty of the saints, who for all eternity and not at a distance, will reflect the divine image of God!

Quote of Ven. Solanus Casey

September is the Month of Our Lady of Sorrows


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