Prayers, Quips and Quotes: St. Silverius, Feast Day June 20

St. Silverius Public Domain Image
St. Silverius
Public Domain Image

The feast day of St. Silverius is celebrated on June 20.

St. Silverius was the son of Pope Hermisdas who had been married before entering his ministry. St. Silverius was chosen as Pope while he was serving as a sub deacon. He was ordained on June 8, 536.

As Pope, St. Silverius refused to approve the doctrine of monophysitism which believed Christ had one nature not two (human and divine). Because of this ruling Pope Silverius was deposed and replaced by a deacon named Vigilus. St. Silverius was accused of treason and degraded to the rank of monk. After an appeal he was sent to Rome for an inquiry. Silverius however was forced to live on the island of Palmaria off Naples.

St. Silverius died from murder by starvation in the year 539. He was recognized a saint by popular acclamation.

Cast yourself into the furnace of the gentle heart of Jesus.

All your defects and imperfections will be consumed there.


Quote of St. Paul of the Cross; Feast day Oct. 19

June is the Month of the Sacred Heart.


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