Prayers, Quips and Quotes: St. Thomas of Villanova, Feast Day September 22

St. Thomas Villanova by Murillo Public Domain Image
St. Thomas Villanova Dividing His Clothes
by Murillo
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The feast day of St. Thomas of Villanova is celebrated on September 22.  He served as the Bishop of Valencia for 11 years.

St. Thomas of Villanova was born in Fuenlana, Spain in 1488.  He was very generous to the poor and needy from a very early age.  He was known to give his clothes to those less fortunate.  At the age of 16 he entered the University of Alcala.  When his father died he gave away his inheritance to feed unmarried women.  He finished his studies in theology at Alcala and then became a Professor of Philosophy and Theology.  He joined the Hermits of St. Augustine becoming well known for his holiness and generosity.  He was ordained a priest of the order in 1518.

St. Thomas was chosen to be Archbishop of Granada but turned down the position.  Out of obedience to his superiors he accepted the position of Bishop of Valencia.  He served as bishop for eleven years.  While serving the people of Valencia he founded two colleges and built a hospital.  His love of the poor inspired him supply food for those who were hungry. He was given the gift of healing, miracles and conversion of sinners.

St. Thomas of Villanova died of Angina Pectoris at the age of 67 in 1658.  Miracles were attributed to him before and after his death.

Pope Alexander VII canonized St. Thomas of Villanova in 1658.


“Contrition is the remedy for sins.”

Quote of St. Thomas of Villanova

September is the Month of Our Sorrowful Mother






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