Prayers, Quips and Quotes: St. Vincent Ferrer, Feast Day April 5

St. Vincent Ferrer
St. Vincent Ferrer





The feast day of St. Vincent Ferrer is celebrated on April 5.

St. Vincent Ferrer was born on Jan. 23, 1350 at Valencia, Spain. Before he was born his father had a prophetic dream in which a Dominican preacher told him his son would be famous. His mother was told by a blind woman that her son would restore her sight. (He did restore her sight.)

As a child St. Vincent had a devotion to the Passion of Christ and honored his spiritual mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary. He chose to enter the Dominican Order. After making his profession he was appointed to lead lectures of philosophy and published a treatise at the age of 24.

During one period of his life, Vincent was tried by serious temptations of the flesh. Through prayer and penance he survived the ordeal.

St. Vincent encouraged praying the rosary by saying…

“Whoever observes this practice is beyond the reach of adversity!”

During the last twenty years of his life he preached in Spain, France, Switzerland, the Low countries and Lombardy. He stressed the need for repentance. He was known for his preaching and successfully converted many thousands of people. However he was always known for his humility. He was also known for his gift of healing; cripples walked, the mute spoke and the blind were able to see.

St. Vincent fell ill with fever and died in 1419.


Once humility is acquired, charity will come to life; a burning flame devouring the corruption of vice and filling the heart so full that there is no place for vanity.

Quote of St. Vincent Ferrer

April is the Month of the Eucharist


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