Prayers, Quips and Quotes: St. William of York, Feast Day June 8

St. William of York


St. William was born into a powerful family in England during the 12th century.  He was the son of Count Herbert.

In 1142 he was elected Archbishop of York, however his election was disputed on charges of simony and unchastity.  After proving his innocence he was finally consecrated Bishop in 1143.  Because of his charity and gentleness he was very popular.

When Eugenius II was elected Pope complaints again surfaced and he was suspended.  St. William went to Sicily where he lived as a monk devoting himself to a life of prayer.  After the death of Pope Eugene III Pope Anastastius IV restored William as Archbishop of York.  However just one month after he resumed office he died.  Many believed he was poisoned.  Many miracles took place at his tomb.   Pope Honorius III canonized William of York in 1227.


I have not even begun to think of unity when the Trinity bathes me in its splendor.

I have not even begun to think of the Trinity when unity grasps me.


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Month of the Sacred Heart



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