Prayers, Quips and Quotes: St. John Climacus, Feast Day March 30

St. John Climacus

The feast day of St. John Climacus is celebrated on March 30. 

St. John Climacus was born in Syria in 525. He enjoyed studying science and the arts. In 547, at the age of 16 he dedicated himself to God. He went to Mt. Sinai to live as a hermit. His spiritual advisor was Martyrius. St. John lived in silence and solitude living with humility and obedience. He never argued with anyone. After four years of living as a hermit John made his profession at the age of twenty.

St. John had received from God the power to heal spiritual disorders. One person he healed was named Isaac who was on the verge of despair by temptations of the flesh. St. John could see that Isaac had faith and said to him, “My son, let us have recourse to God by prayer.” They both lay prostrated on the ground in fervent prayer and Isaac felt the despair leave and was filled with peace. Many others came to John for assistance. Due to jealousy, St. John was censored and accused of vanity. John imposed on himself a year of silence. Those who charged him asked him to resume giving advice and told him not to bury the talent given to him by God.

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St. John became Abbot of Mt. Sinai and Superior General to all the monks and hermits in that country when he was 75. During a severe drought the people asked him to intercede on their behalf to God. His prayers were soon answered with large rain storms.



After four years as Abbot he resigned to prepare for death. St. John died on March 30, 605. After his death, his book Ladder of Divine Ascent became very popular making him very well known.


Humility is the only virtue no devil can imitate.  If pride made demons out of angels, there is no doubt that humility can make angels out of demons.

Quote of St. John Climacus

March is the Month of St. Joseph



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