Prayers, Quips and Quotes: St. Florian, Feast Day May 4

St. Florian Public Domain Image Patron Saint of Firefighters
St. Florian
Public Domain Image
Patron Saint of Firefighters

The feast day of St. Florian is celebrated on May 4.

St. Florian was born in the third century in what is present day Austria. He became a commander in the Roman army. One of his duties was leading the firefighting brigade. Florian was a Christian during a time of persecution. He refused to participate in the persecutions the army was ordered to do. He also refused to offer sacrifices to the Roman gods.

When Florian’s beliefs became known it was suggested that he be burned to death as many Christians were during that time.  Florian stated that he would climb to Heaven on the flames of the funeral pyre which was made for him. The soldiers then decided to use a different method to execute him. They flogged him and then flayed him. A large stone was tied around his neck and he was set on fire before being thrown into the Ennis River to drown.

St. Florian died in the year 304. His body was recovered and moved to the Augustinian Abbey of St. Florian near Linz, Austria.

St. Florian is the patron saint of firefighters. Many miracles of healing are attributed to St. Florian. He is considered a protector from danger of both fire and water.


A great flame follows a little spark.

Quote by Dante Alighierri

May is the Month of Our Lady.





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